Strange Toys from a Foreign Land #2


Toys that speak with a devil’s tongue



This one comes to us from Canada, the tell-tale sign being the bi-lingual sticker, declaring the robot to be transformable, in both English and Frenchlish.

I don’t know much about Canada or its denizens. I’ve heard Weird Al sing about them, and I used to watch Due South on TV, so I suppose that’s license enough to make jokes at their expense. It doesn’t matter much, anyway, as this toy was made and ‘designed’ in China. However, I do wonder what nightmare country has a “Dollar Store” that sells things for $2.50. What did they mean, that their stuff is priced in Dollars?

On to the toy: It’s one of the more bizarre things I’ve seen. A bootleg of some kind, for sure. Part of a set of four, this one is a robot that turns into an owl. The other three are of similar design, and all of them have a peculiar Native American feel. They look like wooden carvings or totem-pole decorations. Odd.
The toy is made from that special plastic that manages to feel both soft and brittle at the same time. It is remarkably heavy, though, in that its weight is actually measurable in the hand; to weigh most knock-offs requires those tiny scales that drug dealers use.


The robot mode is awkward and clumsy, but has fairly intricate parts and detailing. The team can’t combine into a larger robot, as the packaging suggests, and there’s no other text or pictures on the card, making their origins even more mysterious. They seem very similar to robots Takatoku was selling in Japan in the 80s.
This toy is held together with no less than three screws. That makes him roughly 542% more valuable than most other toys of his ilk. By virtue of having metal inside, he is worshipped as a god by his peers. He also has the word “DANGER” tattooed over his knees. So watch out for that.

Strangeness Rating: 2/5 – It’s the theme that is strange, not the toy itself. A robot owl man with dangerous knees is laughably conventional in toyland.

indian_horse“Nightmare country”


One comment on “Strange Toys from a Foreign Land #2

  1. Brother LIVID says:

    They’re not supposed to combine, fool. You simply stack them one on top of the other, and BAM! Instant Native American marijuana-infused peace pi- I mean totem pole.

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