Pretty Little Things #3

Pretty Little Things: Action Figures That Make Our Tummies Go Funny.

#3: Rogue


Oh, my goodness.

I’ll tell you a little secret folks; I had the biggest crush on Rogue when I was younger. Heck, I wanted to be Rogue. I would have traded my entire Pog collection and my external genitalia for a day in those high-heels. She’s beautiful, powerful, and has a really cool accent, sugah!
Fortunately, such feelings pass, and by the time I was twenty-four, I had mostly gotten over my crush/gender-switch fantasy and moved on with my life. Mostly.

Then Kotobukiya made this toy, and it was as if a balloon popped inside my head; all sorts of emotions came rushing out. Certain bodily fluids came rushing out, too, but that’s a story for my other blog (click here for salacious, wanton rudeness).
This toy is part of Koto’s Bishoujo line. The word “bishoujo” roughly translates as “pretty girl”, as if that wasn’t obvious enough. In this instance, they’ve taken Rogue and run her through the special Japanification machine, applying traditional manga styling to the more ‘western’ comic appearance we all know and love. She looks about forty years younger, has a tiny mouth, and looks like she’d struggle to lift her handbag, but it works.

Rogue FULL

The pose is neat and dynamic, and the sculpting and painting is excellent. She is really rather nice to look at. However, I think the problem is she’s too sexy. Her lithe, dainty appearance is at odds with the freight train-juggling powerhouse we all fell in love with. The western Rogue managed to look tough yet feminine, dangerous yet vulnerable. This one seems almost obscene.

To sum up; a well-made, appealing figure. But perhaps one for the otaku crowd… It does little justice to the character that, for me at least, defines the X-Men.


Fancy Rating: 3/5 – She’s a beaut, all right, and being Rogue, she was instantly awarded 5/5. But dammit, she’s not my Rogue, and so I subtract two points. Besides, it suddenly dawns on me that she is a statue, not a toy (certainly not an ‘action figure’), and I am perhaps contradicting myself by writing about her. But this is my blog, and the rules of the blogoverse are but playthings to higher beings such as myself. So there.

rating strip_rogue

“Genitalia for a day”


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