Roddy Peeper


They Live


4 comments on “Roddy Peeper

  1. Brother LIVID says:

    I’m a Peeper. Would you like to be a Peeper, too?

  2. I love They Live so much, one of my favourite films ever….Long live Rowdy Roddy!

  3. John Sorensen says:

    Great Megatron’s Beard!! Those toys cost hundreds of dollars man, and you have them in the back yard? What prog /image manipulator do you use to caption the images?

    • aniblack says:

      Haha! Great Megatron’s Beard, indeed! I look after my toys, but I am a firm believer that they exist to be played with, even if that means getting them muddy in the garden or having Beast Wars Scorponok castrate Battle Cat.

      I’m basically using Paint to put the captions on. I know they look a bit cack, but I made so many at once I just didn’t have the time or the patience to do proper little speech bubbles.

      Thanks for reading, my man. Optimus salutes you!


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