Comp-U-Zone #3


#3: Virtual Reality

I own a great many computers and video game consoles. I’ve been a gamer all my life and I’m sure in some small way they’ve shaped who I have become. But I wonder… what can games really teach us? Can they be applied to the real world and better our lives? So, to that end, I shall go through a few of my favourite games and do as they tell me to do in the real world. IT’S NOT JUST A GAME ANYMORE.

#1 Mushrooms make you big and strong. (Super Mario)


I’ve never liked mushrooms. The smell of them cooking is enough to make me vomit. Uncooked, they’re a bit like rubber – rubber that’s coated with a layer of grime and soil. And they have gills. To disseminate their filthy spores. They are altogether a disgusting organism that no sane person would put in his mouth. But today, I put those inhibitions aside and follow in the footsteps of Mario. Here-a we go! Wahoo!

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Henshin Heroes #1


I love tokusatsu TV.

Tokusatsu is is a fairly broad term that basically means “special effects”. It includes such things as Godzilla, Power Rangers and Kamen Rider. A great many of these shows feature a person or a team of people who transform into warriors to fight whatever evil threatens Japan that week. There have been hundreds of different tokusatsu series in Japan, far too many to list here, but take my word for it that its somewhat of a staple of children’s TV.

Among my favourites are the ‘metal heroes’ – these people are distinct from the more familiar Power Ranger types by normally working alone or with a sidekick (rather than as part of a team of five), not usually having a giant robot to ride around in, and by having a robotic carapace rather than colourful spandex. Very few of these shows ever made it to the West – although in the early nineties when Power Ranger fever was at its peak, a few were hurriedly dubbed and chopped up with American footage in an attempt to cash in; you may remember Beetleborgs, VR Troopers and Masked Rider. None of which made it beyond a season or two.

Anyway, today I’ll be looking at a select few of the Metal Heroes, and we’ll see if we can’t all get better acquainted with them.

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