Music To Mein Ears

Dubbing cartoons is a funny old thing. All cartoons are animated from a script, and everything from body movements to gestures and lip flaps (*splutter*) reflect the words and intent of the original author. So it’s a bit of a nightmare when the time comes to release the cartoon in another territory. A great deal of stuff we watch over here is made in (or more accurately for) America, so dubbing isn’t an issue. But people in distant lands have it tough.

It would be boring to go through a whole bunch of cartoons and see how they’re adjusted for export, so instead I thought I’d choose some popular ones and, if nothing else, listen to the theme songs and see how they differ from what we’re used to. They run the gamut from surprising to plain to just plain wrong. Grab your headphones and turn it up to 11!

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Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?


I’ve joined a gang.

Not the bad type. Although when I was at school the idea of gangs of any kind was strongly discouraged. It was even seen as a bad word. You had “groups”, maybe. But never “gangs”.

Over here in Britain, gangs aren’t really a thing. Maybe you have some teenagers in tracksuits who loiter outside the Spar, or drive around town on their 50cc chicken chasers. In the States, however, they are very much a thing, and there’s all sorts of violent crime associated with them.

But my gang doesn’t do much. We’re the amiable sort. You could say we always get along with people.


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You’ve Got The Power

I’m not the kind of person who likes to be the centre of attention.

I’m the modest, quiet sort. I have a few deep-seated confidence issues so I get a little nervous around large groups of people. I don’t like to be looked at and I definitely hate cameras.

Everyone needs a nemesis.

Everyone needs a nemesis.

So walking the streets of London in a Power Ranger costume was not the best idea in the world. Or was it?

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The Ugly Bug Ball

We like to think that in these modern times we’ve come a long way and that sexism is a thing of the past, but in truth we’re still very much entrenched in male chauvinist dogma. The entertainment industry is a man’s world, and most comics, cartoons or movies will have a female lead only if she’s a size nothing and excuses can be made to get her to flash her tits or strut around naked.


But, as Burl Ives reminds us through the power of song; beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So what about those leading ladies that are a little bit unconventional? Aren’t they deserving of the same praise as your Spider Womans and Emma Frosts? Join me as I take a look at my top five female characters that I think are just as worthy of your attention, but don’t need to dress like a whore to get it.

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