Daring Do Collection Review

My Little Pony: The Daring Do Collection


In season two of My Little Pony, there was an episode called Read it and Weep. The plot was fairly typical children’s fare – One of the main characters, the athletic Rainbow Dash, doesn’t like to read. She thinks that books are for eggheads. Shortly after making her opinion known and mocking her bookworm friends, she gets injured and has a lengthy stay in the hospital. Devoid of any other entertainment and going insane with boredom, she reluctantly starts to read a book from the hospital library. She’s immediately hooked, of course. Afraid of looking like a hypocrite, she spends the rest of the episode dodging her friends and, uh, stealing from the library in order to read it in secret.


This is a POV shot, in case you were wondering.

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Console Wars


It’s a debate that to this very day causes bloodshed. It turns brother against brother, and sons against fathers: The 16-bit Sega-Nintendo console war. That’s what it became known as, anyway. At the time, although people picked sides and advertisers took cheap shots, it was all in good fun.

I’ve been lucky enough to play and eventually own all the Sega and Nintendo consoles. In the early to mid nineties, I went from Sega to Nintendo and back again – my friends would happily swap consoles back and forth so we all got to play each others’ systems. I can say that the Super Nintendo was my favourite, but armed with experience, I feel it is my duty to put an end to hostilities once and for all. So, which console really was better? The Mega Drive or the Super Nintendo? Read my completely objective comparison to find out.


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A Land Before Time


I loved dinosaurs when I was little. Most kids go through a dinosaur phase, no doubt because of the prevalence of dinosaur toys; every kid has a plastic T. rex or stegosaurus at one time. But I had a specific love of dinosaurs. I loved learning about all the different species, their names, where they came from and what strange and uncanny forms they took.

Sometime during the very early nineties, dinosaurs came back in a big way thanks to the upcoming Jurassic Park. I remember my parents sent off for a big poster and sticker set. It depicted a typical prehistoric scene – sauropods wading in lagoons, winged pterodactyls silhouetted against a blazing sky thick with clouds of volcanic ash. I loved it! I had quite an imagination back then, and looking at that scene transported me back to the ancient past.

Being something of an expert, I can name them all. Left to right we have stegobeast, Smaug, dippydocus, monstro-swan and spikeface.

Being something of an expert, I can name them all. Left to right we have stegobeast, Smaug, dippydocus, monstro-swan and spikeface.

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TV Troubles

Have you ever been really excited for something? The start of a TV show, perhaps. You wait for it for ages. You get all your friends round to watch, but then after all the anticipation it doesn’t live up to the hype. That used to happen to me all the time, before I dealt with the problem by lowering my expectations. Strap in for a ride on the hyperbole trolley, kids. We’ll revisit some of those times together, like Scrooge McDuck in A Christmas Carol.

And yes, hyperbole rhymes with trolley. You illiterate swine.

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Morph Than Meets The Eye

I read a lot.

Some people say that to sound sophisticated. You know the type. They normally tell you that they don’t watch TV, and snort derisively while pushing their bifocals up to their brow when you let slip that you know who Holly Willoughby is.

"She's on TV, you say? I only know her from Google Image Sear- uh. Something else."

“She’s on TV, you say? I only know her from Google Image Sear- uh. Something else.”

I am certainly not that type, although I do read compulsively. Books for sure, but also comics, magazines, cereal boxes, shampoo bottles, the warnings stamped on batteries, and the Reader’s Digest.

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