Sponge Boss

I love Spongebob.


Pictured: Me

This revelation is often met by groans of disapproval from my peers, or worried frowns. Now, I’m not a fanatic. In fact, I haven’t really watched any of the episodes past season 3. Like all popular things, a good example being The Simpsons, the corporate overlords soon displace the creative team and ensure that the show is never allowed to die. And so it stumbles on, an animated corpse, bereft of any emotion or vision that made it great in the first place. But the networks will still buy it, so that’s okay. Continue reading


Stuff It


Time was, you could go to any jumble sale, car boot sale or church fete and find boxes and boxes of cool toys. Especially the eighties super-fads like Transformers, GI Joe, Care Bears and so on. There was always someone with a toy chest or shoebox overflowing with forgotten or unloved relics. They were always cheap, too. You’d grab a handful, ask how much, and the man or woman would say “For you? A quid, love”. Even relatively modern toys like Power Rangers could be had for a pittance.

"Two pounds for Boba Fett!? U FUKIN WOT M8!?"

“Two pounds for Boba Fett!? U FUKIN WOT M8!?”

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Comic Review: Batwoman: Elegy


 Batwoman: Elegy


DC Comics (2009-2010)

After a long hiatus from the world of costumed crime-fighters, Batwoman triumphantly returned like the proverbial phoenix in 2006 in the pages of the weekly series ‘52‘. Batwoman was created by Bob Kane and Sheldon Moldoff in 1956 and made her debut in Detective Comics #233. There have been two notable versions of the character over the years beginning with the original Kathy Kane, the silver age variant. Kathy was created to be part of what was becoming known as The Batman Family and as a possible love interest for Bruce Wayne, but in 1964 following a restructure of the Batman universe, Kathy was removed altogether from bat-lore by new editor Julius Schwartz. Continue reading

Treat Time


It’s easy to write about toys and cartoons. Nostalgia works well on these things – they survive the passage of time and for the most part there are indelible records of them. But a large part of our childhood was consumable, literally. I know where my He-Man toy is, but I probably couldn’t tell you what happened to that Trio bar I ate in 1991. All we have is memories… and sometimes a curious stain on the floor. (It was chocolate Nesquik, I swear.)

Yeah, I'd get in his van.

Yeah, I’d get in his van.

So let’s take a walk down the supermarket aisle of yore, and rediscover those foodstuffs that may have shaped our childhoods as much as any toy we played with…

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Toy Review: Legacy Saba


Power Rangers Legacy Saba
The talking tiger saber!


Ban Dai (2015)

Earlier in the year, when I was at a convention in London, I met a peculiar Scottish salesman. He was pushing the Power Rangers Legacy toys on me, and to be honest I was growing quite tired of him. He didn’t seem to understand that I didn’t want to spend £400 on toys that I already owned. He also began telling me how I was “too young” to remember things, like when the toys first came out or when Philip Schofield had brown hair and a gopher on his hand.

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