Silicon Symphonies


Music, as they say, is food for the soul. Or is that KFC? I’m a vegetarian, so I hope it’s the former. I once tried to see how many Bargain Buckets I could feed my friend Damian before he exploded. That was good for my soul, I must say.

Seems random, I know, but search for "Curse of the Colonel" for many laughs.

Seems random, I know, but search for “Curse of the Colonel” for many laughs.

I digress.

Music is a big part of games. It can make or break them, really. Just play Streets of Rage 3 if you have any doubt. So I’ve decided to list my top five (uh, maybe six or seven) “Best Game Songs”. Very creative name for the list, I know. I might rechristen it as I go.

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Fare Well

There are a few days that I look forward to every year more so than most – my birthday, Christmas, New Argos Catalogue Day, and the start of the New York toy fair. These all have to do with toys, naturally. There’s nothing quite like that little rush of excitement that comes with seeing a batch of virgin toys laid bare for the first time. It’s a short-lived feeling, so I try to bottle it up and mete it out slowly over the course of the year. Back in November, I accidentally used up my entire supply of Christmas Feeling when the decorator played Mistletoe and Wine on his radio. Humbug. Continue reading

Gone to Pot


When I was a kid, I suffered from terrible nightmares.

Not this kind.

Not this kind.

All kids have them, I’m sure. But mine were especially vivid, and used to frighten me quite badly. I never dreamed of crazy monsters or anything like that. In fact, I rather liked the idea of monsters. I mean, if tentacled fang-beasts or whatever are real, then that must mean that unicorns and griffons and The Popples are real too, right? That’s common sense, but since I wasn’t riding to school on the back of a magnificently feathered Pegasus, I figured out that monsters couldn’t possibly be real pretty quick. Continue reading

Flix The Cat


I’ve been watching a lot of Netflix, recently. Not that I had to pay anything, you understand. I’m so poor that when I walk through town, the tramps give me money, no joke. I got a birthday card from the Inland Revenue with a fiver inside!

They even sent me a cake!

They even sent me a cake!

My brother has a Netflix account, you see, and he doesn’t mind at all who’s using it when he’s not, so I get to watch for free. And a good thing, too, because I’ve come to the conclusion that Netflix is a load of rubbish. You’d find a better selection of films in a charity shop. No, you’d find a better selection of films in the bin outside the charity shop. Continue reading

Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye

It’s funny how a popular, worldwide, decade-spanning franchise can mean something different to so many people. Take Transformers, for example. We all had the same toys, saw the same cartoons and comics, but each person tends to latch on to a specific medium that for them represents the “real” Transformers. Everything else is compared to it and carefully cross-referenced with a personal canon that only exists in the imagination.

It’s almost the exact opposite to something like Star Trek. Some people love the original series, others devoutly followed The Next Generation, but they all represent the same thing; different parts of the same whole. Then again, I have a cousin who refuses to believe that DS9 ever happened. Whereas for me, it all ended with Voyager and I consider the entirety of Star Trek: Enterprise to be a feature-length episode of Quantum Leap. So maybe there’s no escaping it.

Also, for those playing along at home, make sure to clearly stamp your Star Trek Bingo cards.

"Al!? Where are ya, Al...!?"

“Al and Ziggy will be here aaaaaany minute….”

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Comic Review: Death – The High Cost Of Living


Vertigo Comics [DC] (1993)

Death: The High Cost of Living is a 3 part mini-series starring Death, sister of Sandman (aka Dream) and one of the seven Endless. Written by the amazing Neil Gaiman in 1993, it follows a day in the life of DC Comic’s version of the Grim Reaper, who once every century takes the form of a human girl to give her role as a taker of souls perspective and keep her in touch with humanity. Continue reading