Comic Review: Jem and The Holograms #1

JemModernIDW (2015)

I must admit to being glad to see this comic on the shelves. There’s something about Jem’s clean-cut glam rock styling that appeals to me. It’s like KISS but for kids. The comic itself is very stylish, coming in about twelve different variants. I got the ‘group’ cover, showing the new Holograms in their entirety. Others show the classic characters or more abstract images. As far as I can figure, all of the covers have a sparkly holographic logo. Pretty sweet!

The artwork inside is passable. The characters themselves are snazzy and ostentatious; their makeup and clothing really screams “80s” while managing to look modern. Full marks for design, at least. However, there’s very little flair or style in the art itself – a shocking amount of panels are against plain white backgrounds, and there’s only so many times you can see a close-up of a girl’s face before it gets a bit samey. Continue reading


Toy Review: World of Nintendo Samus Aran

You just never see these. Why is it that I can walk into any comic shop or Toys R Us and come out with fifty different figures of Master Chief, but you could count the number of toys produced of Metroid‘s Samus Aran on the fingers of one mutilated hand…?

DSCF0060 Continue reading

Episode 1: TMW Meets Games – The Monkey Made Me Do It


We love computer games, here at Toy Meets World. We love playing them, touching them and sometimes smelling them. Like you would a woman or Thoroughbred filly. We’ve also been happy enough to watch people play them on YouTube and things. Adam is a writer, and always shied away from the penetrating gaze of his Samsung¬†camera. Much like a woman, or Thoroughbred filly.

Fortune favours the brave, though, so with a little help from his friends, Adam decided to sit down and record a game show, wonderfully titled Toy Meets World Meets Games.

The show consists of three acts; a playthrough of a retro game; a competition round; and a… well, I’m not quite sure what happened, but it had a monkey in it and ended in bloodshed.

Episode two coming soon!

Master Baiting

I loves Masters of the Universe, I does. I had a handful of toys as a kid, and watched the cartoon occasionally on Channel 4 in the early hours of the morning. It’s a shame that I’m not quite old enough to remember the craze in full swing – the toys had long since disappeared from the shelves by the time I could go and¬†explore the toy shops myself. Most were given to me by older friends and relatives. They were chewed up a bit, and smelled like engine oil and creosote, but I didn’t care.

One more thing I played with as a kid that they banned.

One more thing I played with as a kid that they banned.

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