Toy Review: World of Nintendo Samus Aran

You just never see these. Why is it that I can walk into any comic shop or Toys R Us and come out with fifty different figures of Master Chief, but you could count the number of toys produced of Metroid‘s Samus Aran on the fingers of one mutilated hand…?

DSCF0060 This is the second toy of Samus to be produced outside of Japan, and because of this it’s actually affordable! I paid eight of the Queen’s finest pounds for it in The Entertainer. Bargain, really.

She comes in at a fraction under 12cm tall, or if you’re still in the Empire, four and a half inches. Her articulation is quite remarkable for the size – she has joints at the hips and knees, shoulders and elbows, and a cool G.I Joe-style torso swivel. You couldn’t ask for much more, although her ankles only swivel uselessly outwards. The angles at which her hips rotate mean that she splays her legs out and up, so that’s either a pro or a con, depending on whether you like your action heroines to strike athletic or porn star poses.

Cor, Blimey, Oo-er, Missus, and so on.

Cor, Blimey, Oo-er, Missus, and so on.

The toy comes boxed with a “mystery accessory”. I almost hate to spoil it, but spoil it I shall. It’s a Morph Ball. I was well chuffed to find it, to be honest. I expected at best a Metroid, or maybe something stupid like a bomb or missile. It’s really quite cool. Hollow, though. Don’t breathe too hard when holding it close to your face lest you inhale it and choke to your untimely and farcical death.

It’s worth mentioning that the figure pictured on the back of the box is completely different. And I don’t mean in that “colours may vary” way, I mean it’s a completely distinct toy that in no way resembles the packaged product. Part of me wonders how many mistakes must be made for this to happen, and another part of me cares not at all.

"So, what's your story?" "I'm just a mindless machine" "Tell me about it, brah."

“So, what’s your story?”
“I’m just a mindless machine”
“Tell me about it, brah.”

TMW Rating:- 4/5 – You really can’t go wrong. This is the one and only time I’ve ever seen a Samus figure in the shops, and it’s a cracker. Hand over your paltry £8 and get one of your own. You can’t have mine. It’s been soiled.rating strip troid

“Aran on the fingers”


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