TMW Special: Top 5 Moustaches

Here at TMW, we’re all crazy. But the fun kind of crazy, not the sad kind. Well, we’re still getting Adam tested, so don’t quote us on that.

Always one to take a joke way too seriously, and tenacious enough to see it through to conclusion, Adam went ahead and actually wrote a list of the top 5 moustaches in popular culture. Between working a real job and writing for this website, we’re amazed he still manages to squeeze in just eight hours a day of looking at pony bums on the internet. What a champ.

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Are you my mummy?

Mummies have always been a big part of popular culture, especially in literature and film. According to the popular anecdote, rich people living at the turn of the century used to have “mummy parties” wherein they’d hob-nob with their high society friends and unwrap ancient corpses.

I prefer Pass-The-Parcel myself. There is slightly less death involved. (This refers to a time when Adam, observing that the Sindy doll came with a plastic horse, was overcome with jealousy and broke little Susan Swafford’s arms. True story. – Luke)


From Adam’s personal collection.

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Aid in the Shade


“They call me Dr. Worm”

Medic! Medic!!

That’s what I found myself crying out as I entered the toy shop, and Kylie Minogue was nowhere to be found.

I was on the hunt for Combiner Wars First Aid, you see.  And what a hunt it turned out to be – for three weeks, I went back and forth between every shop that stocked Transformers. Yet I never found them there. How, in the 21st century, we end up with identical chain stores like Tesco, Asda and Toys R Us each having different products on the shelves, I don’t know. It’s absurd – some stores have them, some don’t. It’s pot luck. Continue reading

Fortress Maximus – The Definitive Review – Transformers Encore


“I’m here to kick ass and chew bubblegum. And I’m all out of ass.”

Let’s get straight to it, my tiddlypeeps. We all know the story of Fort Max – you’re just here to convince yourself that the toy is worth dropping some serious coinage on. In fact, you’ve probably made up your mind already. But whether or not you’re on the fence, read on!

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