TMW Magazine – August Issue Out NOW!


Find out where Sega buried Mighty the Armadillo in our earth-shattering exposé!

Wow! Is it that time already? Yes, there’s a brand new issue of TMW, and it’s hot off the presses (it’s literally smoldering away as we type). It took a little longer than usual to get it out there, so thanks for bearing with us! It wasn’t time wasted as we took the mag back to formula, looked at what worked and what didn’t, and delivered a NEW and IMPROVED beast of a mag! We used capital letters, so you know we’re serious.

The new issue has a whopping 56 pages of delectable geekiness. Stuff like:

  • A wicked 6-page Animorphs feature, with KA Applegate!!
  • Mega 90’s crazes!
  • An interview with Beast Wars voice actor Garry Chalk!
  • A look back at Bucky O’ Hare with Larry Hama!

Add to that a load of retro gaming awesomeness:

  • We go back to the “genesis” of the 32X classic Chaotix!
  • 4 pages of Star Fox!
  • The Retro Gaming Ninja – who is definitely a person that exists and not Adam in his pajamas – shows you how to ace Sonic 2!

Terrible puns ahoy in the Garry interview!

And there’s more! We have a read of the classic Secret of NIMH [which gives Luke an excuse to browse pictures of Mrs Frisby all day and call it “work”], ask Uncle Scrooge to value YOUR toys and collectibles, and send our resident shutterbug to scope the best cosplayers on the convention scene.

ALSO! [fast running out of breath now…] Pokémon gets a permanent home in the magazine, the much-maligned puzzle section is trimmed to one page and comes back hard as hell, the Spice Girls show up for some reason, and Skeletor steps in to consign a rubbish toy to his Dungeon of Doom.

This issue was huge fun to make but above all else we hope it’ll be fun for you to read! If you’re having trouble getting a copy, e-mail us or comment on this post and we’ll mail you one. Are we good to you or what!?