Episode 1: TMW Meets Games – The Monkey Made Me Do It


We love computer games, here at Toy Meets World. We love playing them, touching them and sometimes smelling them. Like you would a woman or Thoroughbred filly. We’ve also been happy enough to watch people play them on YouTube and things. Adam is a writer, and always shied away from the penetrating gaze of his Samsung camera. Much like a woman, or Thoroughbred filly.

Fortune favours the brave, though, so with a little help from his friends, Adam decided to sit down and record a game show, wonderfully titled Toy Meets World Meets Games.

The show consists of three acts; a playthrough of a retro game; a competition round; and a… well, I’m not quite sure what happened, but it had a monkey in it and ended in bloodshed.

Episode two coming soon!


Games People Play


Now, I’m not very old. Compared to a butterfly, or a hamster, I’m positively ancient. But compared to you, I’m probably not very old at all. However, the world has changed so much in the last decade or two, that I feel old. I feel like the guy in Quantum Leap, lost forever in a time and place not my own. Most of this is due to the encroachment of technology on our lives, especially communication technology like the internet and mobile phones. It’s changed us as a society, and not for the better.

Pictured: Me

Pictured: Me

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