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Toy Meets World is a website staffed by a bunch of lunatics sequestered away on a tiny isle at the edge of the Atlantic ocean we like to call the United Kingdom. Sometimes that means that our humour goes over the heads of a large proportion of our readers. Read on as I educate you on the most important facets of British culture!

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Are you my mummy?

Mummies have always been a big part of popular culture, especially in literature and film. According to the popular anecdote, rich people living at the turn of the century used to have “mummy parties” wherein they’d hob-nob with their high society friends and unwrap ancient corpses.

I prefer Pass-The-Parcel myself. There is slightly less death involved. (This refers to a time when Adam, observing that the Sindy doll came with a plastic horse, was overcome with jealousy and broke little Susan Swafford’s arms. True story. – Luke)


From Adam’s personal collection.

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The Ugly Bug Ball

We like to think that in these modern times we’ve come a long way and that sexism is a thing of the past, but in truth we’re still very much entrenched in male chauvinist dogma. The entertainment industry is a man’s world, and most comics, cartoons or movies will have a female lead only if she’s a size nothing and excuses can be made to get her to flash her tits or strut around naked.


But, as Burl Ives reminds us through the power of song; beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So what about those leading ladies that are a little bit unconventional? Aren’t they deserving of the same praise as your Spider Womans and Emma Frosts? Join me as I take a look at my top five female characters that I think are just as worthy of your attention, but don’t need to dress like a whore to get it.

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Henshin Heroes #1


I love tokusatsu TV.

Tokusatsu is is a fairly broad term that basically means “special effects”. It includes such things as Godzilla, Power Rangers and Kamen Rider. A great many of these shows feature a person or a team of people who transform into warriors to fight whatever evil threatens Japan that week. There have been hundreds of different tokusatsu series in Japan, far too many to list here, but take my word for it that its somewhat of a staple of children’s TV.

Among my favourites are the ‘metal heroes’ – these people are distinct from the more familiar Power Ranger types by normally working alone or with a sidekick (rather than as part of a team of five), not usually having a giant robot to ride around in, and by having a robotic carapace rather than colourful spandex. Very few of these shows ever made it to the West – although in the early nineties when Power Ranger fever was at its peak, a few were hurriedly dubbed and chopped up with American footage in an attempt to cash in; you may remember Beetleborgs, VR Troopers and Masked Rider. None of which made it beyond a season or two.

Anyway, today I’ll be looking at a select few of the Metal Heroes, and we’ll see if we can’t all get better acquainted with them.

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Pretty Little Things #5


Pretty Little Things: Toys I fancy a bit.

#5: Cadbury Caramel Bunny

Some of my tastes are a little odd. Eccentric even. But I know for sure that I cannot be alone on this. Cadbury is a part of everyone’s childhood – we’ve all enjoyed their tooth-rotting chocolate-flavoured vegetable fat – so when they introduced the Caramel Bunny in the eighties, it’s fair to assume that we were all exposed to her somehow. I think it’s also fair to assume that young men like me were perhaps a little smitten with her.

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