Toy Review: World of Nintendo Samus Aran

You just never see these. Why is it that I can walk into any comic shop or Toys R Us and come out with fifty different figures of Master Chief, but you could count the number of toys produced of Metroid‘s Samus Aran on the fingers of one mutilated hand…?

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Silicon Symphonies


Music, as they say, is food for the soul. Or is that KFC? I’m a vegetarian, so I hope it’s the former. I once tried to see how many Bargain Buckets I could feed my friend Damian before he exploded. That was good for my soul, I must say.

Seems random, I know, but search for "Curse of the Colonel" for many laughs.

Seems random, I know, but search for “Curse of the Colonel” for many laughs.

I digress.

Music is a big part of games. It can make or break them, really. Just play Streets of Rage 3 if you have any doubt. So I’ve decided to list my top five (uh, maybe six or seven) “Best Game Songs”. Very creative name for the list, I know. I might rechristen it as I go.

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