Top 5 Weirdest Cartoon Songs

nametagLUKEWe watch a lot of cartoons here at TMW. And, while we’re not easily impressed (except by shiny things, pop-up books and hand puppets of course), for some reason we love it when cartoons spontaneously bust out a musical segment in the middle of a show. Animation is already an intensive, laborious process on its own without trying to cram an original song in there, so we salute the creators who put in that little bit of extra effort for no other reason than it seemed funny to someone at the time. Here are some of the best examples:

1. The Amazing World of Gumball: She’s a Lady

How_Embarrassing There’s a new girl at school. She’s a transfer student from Europe, and is fitting in quite well – despite having an unpronounceable name and wearing a wedding dress to class every day. That’s all because she’s beautiful and the students and faculty of Elmore High School can’t help but bend over backwards (literally) for her. What they don’t know is that “she” is actually perennial misfit Gumball Watterson, who wore a dress to school that day after his father destroyed his original clothes in an attempt to wash them. After rebuffing the affections of his own brother, Gumball kills off his female alter-ego by having her head explode as she ascends towards the sun – in front of a crowd of shocked onlookers. Yes, this is a kids cartoon.

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Sponge Boss

I love Spongebob.


Pictured: Me

This revelation is often met by groans of disapproval from my peers, or worried frowns. Now, I’m not a fanatic. In fact, I haven’t really watched any of the episodes past season 3. Like all popular things, a good example being The Simpsons, the corporate overlords soon displace the creative team and ensure that the show is never allowed to die. And so it stumbles on, an animated corpse, bereft of any emotion or vision that made it great in the first place. But the networks will still buy it, so that’s okay. Continue reading