Flix The Cat


I’ve been watching a lot of Netflix, recently. Not that I had to pay anything, you understand. I’m so poor that when I walk through town, the tramps give me money, no joke. I got a birthday card from the Inland Revenue with a fiver inside!

They even sent me a cake!

They even sent me a cake!

My brother has a Netflix account, you see, and he doesn’t mind at all who’s using it when he’s not, so I get to watch for free. And a good thing, too, because I’ve come to the conclusion that Netflix is a load of rubbish. You’d find a better selection of films in a charity shop. No, you’d find a better selection of films in the bin outside the charity shop. Continue reading


TV Troubles

Have you ever been really excited for something? The start of a TV show, perhaps. You wait for it for ages. You get all your friends round to watch, but then after all the anticipation it doesn’t live up to the hype. That used to happen to me all the time, before I dealt with the problem by lowering my expectations. Strap in for a ride on the hyperbole trolley, kids. We’ll revisit some of those times together, like Scrooge McDuck in A Christmas Carol.

And yes, hyperbole rhymes with trolley. You illiterate swine.

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