Review: AtGames Mega Drive Arcade Ultimate Portable



Blimey, that’s a bit of a mouthful, isn’t it? We even left out the “SEGA” for brevity.

These things have been knocking around for a few years now in various forms. This one appears to be a special “Argos” edition, as it has a sticker on the back with their catalogue number on it saying “Imported by Argos Limited”. There’s a rumour going around that it has slightly different workings inside and outperforms the previous iteration of the same product.

We can’t say for sure as we don’t have the older model to compare it to, but it’s probably splitting hairs in any case. Besides, you won’t find these things elsewhere for less money, so Argos is your best option. Continue reading


Episode 1: TMW Meets Games – The Monkey Made Me Do It


We love computer games, here at Toy Meets World. We love playing them, touching them and sometimes smelling them. Like you would a woman or Thoroughbred filly. We’ve also been happy enough to watch people play them on YouTube and things. Adam is a writer, and always shied away from the penetrating gaze of his Samsung camera. Much like a woman, or Thoroughbred filly.

Fortune favours the brave, though, so with a little help from his friends, Adam decided to sit down and record a game show, wonderfully titled Toy Meets World Meets Games.

The show consists of three acts; a playthrough of a retro game; a competition round; and a… well, I’m not quite sure what happened, but it had a monkey in it and ended in bloodshed.

Episode two coming soon!

Comp-U-Zone #6


#6: Sequel Shenanigans

There’s an interesting phenomenon that exists entirely within the world of video games. I call it “The Super Streets of Sonic Fighter II Effect”. I’ll break it down:

  • New game is introduced. It’s novel and exciting and blows people’s minds.
  • Shortly afterwards, a sequel to this game is released.
  • It proves to be better than the original in every single way.
  • There’s no going back to the first one, and you feel a fool for ever having loved it.

The SSSFII effect is distinct from other observable phenomenon of this kind as the technology used to make video games often takes huge quantum leaps in a short space of time. This was especially true in the eighties and nineties. When you bought your computer or games console, you could be sure it was obsolete by the time you got it home and opened the box. Things just kept changing and getting better – we seem to have reached something of a plateau these days, but back then you could be sure that the sequel to your favourite game would do something you’d never seen before.

Join me as I take a look at games of yore, and try and parrot back our thoughts as we played for the first, second or last time!

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Comp-U-Zone #3


#3: Virtual Reality

I own a great many computers and video game consoles. I’ve been a gamer all my life and I’m sure in some small way they’ve shaped who I have become. But I wonder… what can games really teach us? Can they be applied to the real world and better our lives? So, to that end, I shall go through a few of my favourite games and do as they tell me to do in the real world. IT’S NOT JUST A GAME ANYMORE.

#1 Mushrooms make you big and strong. (Super Mario)


I’ve never liked mushrooms. The smell of them cooking is enough to make me vomit. Uncooked, they’re a bit like rubber – rubber that’s coated with a layer of grime and soil. And they have gills. To disseminate their filthy spores. They are altogether a disgusting organism that no sane person would put in his mouth. But today, I put those inhibitions aside and follow in the footsteps of Mario. Here-a we go! Wahoo!

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