Console Wars


It’s a debate that to this very day causes bloodshed. It turns brother against brother, and sons against fathers: The 16-bit Sega-Nintendo console war. That’s what it became known as, anyway. At the time, although people picked sides and advertisers took cheap shots, it was all in good fun.

I’ve been lucky enough to play and eventually own all the Sega and Nintendo consoles. In the early to mid nineties, I went from Sega to Nintendo and back again – my friends would happily swap consoles back and forth so we all got to play each others’ systems. I can say that the Super Nintendo was my favourite, but armed with experience, I feel it is my duty to put an end to hostilities once and for all. So, which console really was better? The Mega Drive or the Super Nintendo? Read my completely objective comparison to find out.


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Comp-U-Zone #6


#6: Sequel Shenanigans

There’s an interesting phenomenon that exists entirely within the world of video games. I call it “The Super Streets of Sonic Fighter II Effect”. I’ll break it down:

  • New game is introduced. It’s novel and exciting and blows people’s minds.
  • Shortly afterwards, a sequel to this game is released.
  • It proves to be better than the original in every single way.
  • There’s no going back to the first one, and you feel a fool for ever having loved it.

The SSSFII effect is distinct from other observable phenomenon of this kind as the technology used to make video games often takes huge quantum leaps in a short space of time. This was especially true in the eighties and nineties. When you bought your computer or games console, you could be sure it was obsolete by the time you got it home and opened the box. Things just kept changing and getting better – we seem to have reached something of a plateau these days, but back then you could be sure that the sequel to your favourite game would do something you’d never seen before.

Join me as I take a look at games of yore, and try and parrot back our thoughts as we played for the first, second or last time!

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