Top Toys With Twiki #2

Toys the like of which we will never see again

#2: USS Flagg (G.I. Joe)

They spelled "flag" wrong.

They spelled “flag” wrong.

Bidi-bidi-bidi! Greetings, fleshy ones! I write once more from the 25th century, ready to enthrall you with my comput-o-words!

This time, I bring to your attention the USS Flagg. It is a toy aircraft carrier from the G.I. Joe line, released in Space Year 1985. For any readers from the 25th century (Hello, Buck!) I should clarify that an “aircraft carrier” is a primitive type of Earthen vessel designed to float on water and carry aeroplanes. Aeroplanes are a bit like spaceships, but can only fly in one direction, and even then only in an atmosphere. My processors bleat mockingly in your direction, primitive Earth men! Bidi-bidi-bidi!

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