TMW Meets Games: X Rated

The Toy Meets World crew, and Pete, sit down for a play of some old games. We were going to do a toy section – it was great; we had boxes and boxes of toys and a My Little Pony blindfold! That hadn’t been used for deviant sexual purposes! But it turns out that I was so good at the challenge, it just looked like I was cheating.

Even the guys had their doubts. So it got snipped. Maybe next time.


The Mutant League


They say that every generation has its own X-Men, the ones they consider to be the “true” versions. When something runs for fifty years or so, that’s going to happen. There’s been myriads of comics, cartoons, reboots and so on over the decades. Of course, we’re living in the 21st century now, so naturally there’s been more iterations and rehashes of the X-Men in the last ten years than there has been in the forty years before. I can’t really say much about them, as I got the “X” tattoo lasered off my butt-cheek soon after the movies came out. It was just never the same after that.

"Spider-sense! Tingling...!"

“Spider-sense! Tingling…!”

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Pretty Little Things #3

Pretty Little Things: Action Figures That Make Our Tummies Go Funny.

#3: Rogue


Oh, my goodness.

I’ll tell you a little secret folks; I had the biggest crush on Rogue when I was younger. Heck, I wanted to be Rogue. I would have traded my entire Pog collection and my external genitalia for a day in those high-heels. She’s beautiful, powerful, and has a really cool accent, sugah!
Fortunately, such feelings pass, and by the time I was twenty-four, I had mostly gotten over my crush/gender-switch fantasy and moved on with my life. Mostly.

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